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About Us


Taveuni is the 3rd largest of the 300+ islands in Fiji. It is known as the Garden Island. Unfortunately Taveuni has limited veterinary care for the 20,000 local villagers. There are NO animal shelters, rescues, or animal control. Sadly due to poverty, ignorance, and no other options, it is the custom of the villagers to routinely dispose of the females at birth by drowning, burying alive, or just throwing them
into the bush. This has been their only perceived method of immediate animal birth control.


Taveuni Animal Lovers (TAL) is the only animal charity operating exclusively on Taveuni.  
TAL has sponsored periodic veterinary care missions to Taveuni for the past 8 years offering free spaying and neutering (focusing more on spaying) to the underserved Fijian villages. Education about basic animal care is provided as many natives have NO idea about proper animal husbandry. Since most villagers have no transport, our mission goes to them to provide this education and care.

TAL recruits volunteer vets, arranges and procures supplies/meds.  We arrange scheduling, logistics, meals and accommodations. We serve the 26 villages of Taveuni on a rotational schedule, based on assessed needs. In conjunction with international charities, we have spayed/neutered 850+ animals, with the majority being females. (Mostly dogs & cats). To date, within 8 years, we have conservatively reduced the number of unwanted births by 75,000. 

As a charity, we are in need of veterinary/medical supplies which we ship annually. Financial donations and sponsorship are also welcomed and vital for our missions to continue.  As a result of Covid, we have incurred increased expenses acquiring basic supplies.  Please help by donating. U.S. donations are tax deductible. For more information contact

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